The newspaper Nouvelles Genève​ announces Within My Walls and Beyond's 4th exhibition in Switzerland

Opening Reception Centre des Art Ecolint©John Couper Photography

the round table on Women in the Arts and the screening of the documentary film, Mirrors to Windowsby Susan Steinberg, at the Centre des arts​ in collaboration with Festival Les Créatives​.

Round Table on Women in the Arts at Centre des Arts©John Couper Photography

Thanks to Isabelle Fringuet-Paturle for this interview:

"Undine Groeger présente son exposition photo itinérante: Au-delà de mes murs-Within My Walls and Beyond, conçue en 2014. Undine est d’origine berlinoise, «j’avais 10 ans quand le mur est tombé, depuis, il ne me quitte plus». Au travers d’une vingtaine des photos imprimées au recto de bâches suspendues au plafond du vaste patio du Centre des arts, l’objectif de l’artiste est la «réconciliation du passé dans le présent à travers l’image», ou la déclaration de mission de son projet photo global." ... Plus d'info / More info



May and July 

Radio Workshop: The production of a radio broadcast on the theme of walls.

Meet Brummel: a teddybear born in Germany in 1939!

His story is told via the travelling photo exhibition Within My Walls and Beyond and an interactive workshop about the radio, animated by Libradio — based on a live interview with Brummel in French in May 2016, 



and a broadcasted guided tour through the travelling photo exhibition at Impact Hub Geneva in French on May 26, 2016 during la fête aux Grottes.





Wahre Geschichten Zürich invited me to share my story on the theme of Awakening on April 17, 2016.

I chose to write and perform a spoken word on my Awakening on November 10th, 1989 in then East Berlin, and 18 years later in Transnistria. It is about how I became a stranger after the fall of the Berlin Wall, and my journey of reconciliation with the past and back to my identity.

"What does it mean to discover a wall after it fell? Where or what is Transnistria? Where is home? Interested in hearing my story?" Listen to the Podcast here.








Undine Groeger (en) from Eyes in Progress on Vimeo.

Watch a video interview on my multimedia project Within Our Walls and Beyond with its mission to reconcile the past in the present through the power of photography and one of my photography projects on the same theme in Barcelona. It was filmed during an Eyes in Progress workshop, The Creative Eye, with American photojournalist Ed Kashi.



Undine Groeger (en) from Eyes in Progress on Vimeo.

Watch a video interview on my story and one of my photography project on walls that I realised under the guidance of American photojournalist David Burnett     at the French Communist Party's Headquarter.

The video interview took place during an Eyes in Progress workshop, The Creative Eye, led by David Burnett.